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Most shoppers, no matter how detailed their lists may be, make purchase decisions in the aisle. In fact, browsing is often as much a part of the shopping experience as the shopping cart itself. Our innovative media and technology solutions unlock the full potential of both and offer a family-friendly way to engage and connect like never before – in the aisle, where decisions are made. The result is intelligence and impact nobody else can provide, driving a more rewarding shopping experience for brands, retailers, and shoppers.


The Digicart concept was born out of a personal experience by one of the founders, a bored and irritable child losing control in a supermarket. There had to be a better way. Now, with over a hundred million families having used our carts, we are proud to offer what we believe is the best family shopping experience in the world. Digicart evolved over 10 years ago in New Zealand and quickly spread to Australia and the USA, with new enquiries every week from all around the world. It seems parents everywhere have the same problem!  The carts have evolved from a simple sound system in a cart to what you see today, a simple easy to use program offering the best audio-visual experience a child could have, backed by the latest in technology where all functions are managed in the cloud. On this journey we have made each new cart not only bigger and better, but we have also made them free, with each cart being sponsored by a few brands who cover the cost and maintenance of each cart.

This means we can keep growing the Digicart message as we expand into thousands more stores and reach millions more families, look for us in your local store!

A shot of the interior of a Digicart, showing a display and a fake steering wheel.

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