The Digicart Experience

Digicarts keep kids safe and entertained with world class educational media from the likes of Disney and others, so everyone has fun. For once kids can't wait to get back to the supermarket! 

A Digicart full of groceries in the basket and two children in the cockpit, being pushed by their father.

Aisleworx Media

"It’s the ONLY way to shop!"

"The best family shopping experience in the world!"

"I cant believe that these are FREE!"

 "I had more fun, my children had more fun, and it was free. I’ll definitely come back here and use these carts again!"

"It’s never been easier or better to go shopping."

Make Grocery Shopping Fun

At Aisleworx, our innovative Digicarts redefine the supermarket experience for families. These carts not only prioritize the safety of children but also transform mundane grocery trips into exciting adventures. Featuring world-class educational media from the likes of Disney, Digicarts keep kids entertained and engaged, creating an atmosphere where every visit becomes a blend of fun and learning.

Gone are the days of restless kids dragging their feet through aisles. With Digicarts, families can enjoy a shared experience, fostering positive associations with grocery shopping. The integration of beloved characters and educational content turns supermarket visits into eagerly anticipated events, making Aisleworx's Digicarts the key to creating a joyful and educational atmosphere for shoppers of all ages.

Join us at Aisleworx as we revolutionize the family shopping experience, making every trip to the supermarket an enjoyable adventure for both kids and adults alike.

A mother pushing a Digicart while her daughter looks at a grocery store end cap.

The best family shopping experience in the world!