The Digicart Advantage

  • Customers shop longer, spend more, and keep coming back.

  • Digicarts generate more revenue per square foot than any other location in the store (over $4000 per square foot!)

  • Digicarts make your stores safer! 25,000 kids under 5 are hospitalized from falls from shopping carts annually in the USA.

  • Digicarts are free to retailers, free to customers and have a 4-year warranty with free instore service program.

Data Shows

Families Stay 15% Longer in Store

From 10 to 17 extra shopping minutes per visit!

Families Spend 20% More

From $7-$21 extra spend per visit!

Families Come More Often to Your Store!

89% of families say having the Digicart program was an important to very important part of their decision to come to your store.

Transform the shopping experience for millions of families.

The world’s best family shopping experience.