As one of the largest instore digital media networks in the USA, the Digicart program represents a unique opportunity for brands.

With at least 8 screens covering every part of the store, we reach shoppers in where no one else can in ways no one else can and delivery results like no one else can.

The Digicart represents a powerful media delivery mechanism that attracts attention and measures each advertisement with a market leading suite of metrics across every screen in every major retail chain. 


Our carts are improving the shopper journey for millions of families and generating incremental revenue for each store in multiple ways. Shoppers stay longer and spend more, plus you get additional revenue from media. Best of all families are more loyal, have fun, and the whole experience is totally free to them, and totally free to you the retailer.

We manage and service the carts on your behalf with each cart offering real-time data and logistical information via state-of-the-art technology.


These carts offer each family a shopping adventure! The carts have an internal screen that incorporates leading entertainment from companies such as Disney, making sure that our young passengers are entertained and educated while the rest of the family shop in peace. The carts have space for two children in the cab, where they are safe and low to the ground, and 3 large carrying compartments for all your groceries. Make grocery shopping stress free, ask for Digicarts at your local grocer.